Primary 1 Stationery List

30 August 2021

Primary 1 Stationery List

Dear parent/guardian, 

Please find below a list of all of the stationery items which for Primary 1. School bags will be permitted to be brought to school next academic year. 

Primary 1 Stationery List

Your child should bring a pencil case with the following items to school. All items including the pencil case should be clearly labelled. 

- Two or three pencils.  Your child should always have a spare pencil in case the other one breaks. Staedtler Noris HB pencils are best.  

- Two white erasers  

- A pair of scissors.

- A Pritt Stick (medium sized 22g).

- Chubby crayons

Other items required for Primary 1

- Wellie boots

- A change of clothes, underwear and socks (all labelled please)

Yours sincerely,

Mrs K Taylor