Survey from EA on Education Welfare Service regarding attendance

13 November 2021

Dear Parent/Carer  

The Education Authority provide a Service called the Education Welfare Service to schools, young people and families to support with engagement with education and positive school attendance. They work with families that need support to manage their child's attendance at school. They are currently undertaking a transformation project to review service delivery in this area to ensure that the service meets the needs of our children and young people of today, and into the future. As part of this transformation project, they wish to engage with as many parents and carers as possible to further understand the needs and opportunities in this area. Please take a few minutes to click on the survey link below and provide feedback that will inform the transformation of this service to meet your needs and the needs of our children and young people. 

Your support is much appreciated. Please look out on our EA social media platforms for updates on the progress of this project. 

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Taylor

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