School Council and Eco-School

What is the School Council?

The School Council is a panel of elected children who meet regularly to discuss school issues, voice concerns and discuss ways in which the pupils feel that the school could be improved. These meetings include pupils and teachers, often with invited guest such as parents, school cook etc. In June each year, children in P6 hold a school election to choose pupils who will serve as council members in their P7 year. Pupils must write and present their own manifestos, design and produce election posters, hold a Hustings Day, canvass and take part in a question and answer television show which is broadcast live to the school. Children from P1 to P6 are entitled to vote, using the PR system of course! We enlist

the help of local councillors to give advice and guidance to the candidates about their campaign and, also, to help with the counting of votes.

A very exciting time in school!

In September, the children from P3 to P6 elect two reps from their own class to represent them at whole School Council meetings.

Why we need a School Council

  • To enable pupils to voice opinions about what happens in school;
  • Develop individual and collective responsibility
  • Improve pupil motivation and self esteem
  • Provide a means of formal communication between pupils and staff
  •  Develop and improve pupil skills of
    • Decision making
    • Speaking, listening and debate
  • To make our school a happy place for everyone
  • To work with staff, parents and the wider community to help improve and develop our school

How School Council works

Each class has regular meetings at which pupils can discuss matters that are of concern to them. Class Council reps then bring these issues to the next School Council meeting where they meet with staff, who may also bring issues from staff and PTA meetings, and these form the agenda and the basis of discussions. At the School Council meetings, the Chairperson presents the items on the agenda and the Secretary takes minutes, which are recorded and later put displayed on the Council notice board. Class Councils discuss the minutes and the reps report back the outcomes to School Council, where final decisions are made.