The House System

Each child who comes to school will be allocated to one of four “houses” within the school. The houses are called Agherton, Drumslade, Roselick and Cromore. Families are not always placed in the same house.

At various times throughout the year, inter-house competitions are organised where children have the chance to win points for their house. House points are also awarded for inter-house events and also to winners on Sports Day.

In addition, a merit system is operated by each teacher in the school, whereby teachers award certificates to individual members of their class. Certificates may be awarded for a range of reasons, from achievement or effort to good behaviour, good manners, helpfulness or some other reason which the teacher wishes to recognise. They are awarded at the end of each month and are presented at a full assembly. Each certificate awarded also gains a point for that child’s house and so not only the individual child but also the house gains reward. The totals for each house are calculated and, amid great enthusiasm, a shield is presented to the winning House Captains. A chart of each house’s progress is made by the Primary Seven children and displayed near the Assembly Hall.

At the end of the year, a cup is presented to the overall winners for that academic year. The shield and cup were kindly donated by Mrs Kathleen Edgar, a former Primary 1 teacher and Head of Key Stage 1.