Primary 1 Induction

P1 Introduction Programme

In June, prior to the child’s enrolment, parents of new Primary 1 children are invited to school to hear about school life, with particular reference to the P1 year. They have the opportunity to meet the Principal, P1 teachers, other staff members and current parents, who will accompany them on a school tour.

Parents of new children, other than P1 September intake, will also have the opportunity to meet with the Principal and staff.

The school firmly believes that the care and education of a child in school is best achieved by working in harmonious partnership with the home. We believe that each supports the work of the other and so it is our policy to establish and maintain good communication with the parents of all our pupils. To support this policy, we have put in place a system of parent/teacher consultations and written reports to keep you informed of your child’s progress. Consultations take place in both the autumn and spring terms and written reports are sent at the end of each academic year.

We appreciate that, at times, it may be helpful for further communication to take place, particularly in the area of pastoral care. It is our policy that, should the need arise, we will always contact the home to inform you of the nature of the issue and, if necessary, invite you to come to school to discuss possible resolutions of the matter.

We would emphasise that you are most welcome to contact the school if you have any queries concerning your child’s progress. These should, initially, be discussed with the class teacher. You will understand that it is not possible for the teacher to have a prolonged discussion with you during school hours when the class is present, so we would ask you to make an appointment at a mutually agreeable time.

Should you wish to meet with the Principal, to discuss any matters of concern, please contact the school secretary to make an appointment.