Primary 2 Stationery List

30 August 2021

Primary 2 Stationery List

Dear parent/guardian, 

Please find below a list of all of the stationery items for Primary 2. School bags will be permitted to be brought to school next academic year. 

Primary 2 Stationery List

Your child should bring a pencil case with the following items. All items including the pencil case should be clearly labelled. 

- Two or three pencils.  Your child should always have a spare pencil in case the other one breaks. Staedtler Noris HB pencils are best.

- A pencil sharpener (the sharpener should have a container so that your child can sharpen their pencil at their table).  

- Two erasers.

- A pair of scissors.

- A Pritt Stick (medium sized 22g).

- Thin colouring pencils or crayons.  Twistable crayons/colouring pencils are usually more durable and long lasting. Bic crayons are also quite good. Please note that colouring pencils can be difficult for little ones to sharpen and the leads tend to break easily.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs K Taylor