School Reporter Success

15 June 2020

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Congratulations to  the following pupils who have had their newspaper articles published online by  C2K Newsdesk.

Kioni, who wrote an article called 'Will colonising Mars become a Reality ?"  This was a very mature and well structured piece of creative journalism and followed on from his story all about the Space X rocket launch.

Michael and Ronan, renowned to be football crazy , have also penned news articles , linked to the opening up of the Premier League and their love of the game .Some interesting facts all about the problems for Liverpool lifting the trophy in the current climate . Congratulations as well boys !

Also a big shout out to Patrick who is yet another budding reporter of the future . His very Chauvin-istic tradegy was a serious article detailing the tragic events surrounding the death of George Floyd .

Beth has also had her article published about Drawing and Doodles.  A few top tips for all those children who enjoy Art as much as Beth does.  

Huge round of applause to all of you .